“I paint because I have to; it’s the only way I have of expressing my very active inner life.

   My painting is an emotional journey through  intuition, memory and sensation.

I use nature as my vehicle to imbue a sense of luminous chroma and light into a realm

of visual beauty that transcends commonplace reality.

Art allows me to challenge, dissect, and make decisions on elements that are intellectual and intangible in the physical aspect of living. It also colors the physical, and intrudes in everything I do.”

Linda Butti

You can make an appointment to see her work at her studio in Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island, NY, by calling

(718) 727 4539 or  profbutti@aol.com


With her grandfather a builder, and her father a craftsman, Linda is the third generation artist in her family. She studied drawing, painting, ceramics and digital

art in various art schools in New York, and in 1975 received her Masters in Fine Art from Brooklyn College (CUNY.) In 2005, she was awarded a CUNY Doctoral Equivalency in Art .

“Teaching art is my other love! Linda taught art full time for NYS Dept of Corrections, teaching fine art,  leatherwork, printmaking, weaving, ceramics and copper enameling for over thirty years, while teaching art history in the evening in various colleges. Currently, she works in oil paint, mixed media, digital art and teaches art history and studio art at  Kingsborough Community College , St. John's University and The Art Lab at Snug Harbor Cultural Center.  Linda was recently promoted to adjunct Full Professor of Art at Kingsborough and St John’s.